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Hi I’m Karen, from The Crafters Directory.

I’m 47 with one teenage daughter and married to Jon for 23 years (a web designer) I primarily worked in retail and love the interaction with the public. We have been running our local town centre website http://www.shopatashton.com since 1999 which is currently undergoing a revamp. We are also in the process of creating a separate website for our boroughs markets, including several artisan and farmers markets as well as two market halls.

The idea for the Crafters Directory came about by talking to local crafters on one of our artisan markets, who mentioned how difficult it was to promote themselves at a affordable cost. We’ve been promoting small businesses with our shopatashton website for almost 20 years so thought why not expand to crafters nationwide. And so the Crafters Directory name was born

We have created a quarterly online magazine TheCraftersUK where all of our members appear free of charge with three featured crafters per issue.

Our next phase of the crafters directory evolution is to develop a seller platform, exclusively for UK handmade with zero seller fees and zero commission.

My Interests

I enjoy fundraising and have been involved with a local charity group for over 30 years this involed a lot of dressing up in various sci fi costumes and wandering around towns. ? I’m a fan of sci-fi and also a huge Walking Dead fan. My musical tastes are extremely varied ranging from anything Rock to Classical and everything in between. My favourite places I travelled to over the years are Canada (amazing place and would love to live there one day) and France. We got married in Florida and took a few days out to Miami and the Bahamas. Nice but too hot, I prefer the cold ? There are some lovely places in the UK too, I’d love to visit various places in Scotland, Brighton, Devon/Cornwall….basically we may get a camper van and do a tour of the UK[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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