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Hi I’m Emma and I live on the beautiful coast of North Wales.

I first became interested in jewellery making whilst in 6th form, I then went onto art collage before eventually doing my BA (hons) degree in university.

Since then I have developed a passion for making beautiful wearable pieces of jewellery inspired by the natural world around me using sterling silver and rose gold.

Because my jewellery is inspired by the natural world I want my business to be as eco friendly as possible right down to my packaging. All my packaging is made from recyclable material and can be recycled again, I also send out a wildflower seeded paper hearts with all of my orders to say thank you for helping my business grow and also to give a little back to the environment.


work in progress

Work in progress

Last year I felt a little overwhelmed with whats going on with the world and it got me thinking about escapism, my initial thought was keys, keys can open up so many possibilities and doors, my designs then took me to butterflies, I absolutely adore butterflies, they show us that nothing lasts for ever and the world is ever changing, I particularly took notice of their wings and the freedom to fly! Which then led me more towards escapism and fairies, yes fairies, a magical world where anything and everything is possible! So my designs drew me towards fairy wings, I’m still in the very early stages of this design process and I want you to share it with me!

The designs for these wings do keep changing from fairies to butterflies but the concept is still the same, escapism and freedom to fly.


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