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Jessica Johnston

Spun Cotton Artist

I’m Jessica, an American living in a beautiful village in the English countryside with my British husband. I’m a “former” needle felt artist, though I sometimes like to incorporate it in my current work (like my fluffy sheep!). During my itch to grow as an artist, I experimented with spun cotton.


I fell in love. Hard.


I’ve always been a very nostalgic person with a big love for anything vintage. As I started to work with this technique, I realised I could bring to life (with my own spin) so many ornaments my own family decorated with for the holidays as I was growing up! My main inspiration is anything kitschy, as that’s what we had in our collections – specifically mid century.


Halloween and Christmas are my favourite holidays (Halloween is also my biggest seller, so I create Halloween ornaments all year long!).


I’m also inspired by children’s book illustrations from this time period (since I grew up reading these books), but anything vintage generally catches my eye and fills me with awe.


I hope my work brings you the same sense of joy and nostalgia I feel when I create!

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