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Hi I’m Julia, commonly known as Joolz, to my friends, or mostly “here’s trouble”, by others who seem to think they know me well!

I have always had a passion for jewellery, but mostly for independently made, unique, stunning and out of the ordinary.

My love of wearing healing crystal jewellery meant that I soon ran out of fingers and wrists room, I started looking for jewellery for my ankles, but again I found very little choice.

I have always used jewellery of a way of expressing myself, however over the years, I found it hard to find good quality unique healing and spiritual crystal jewellery, especially anklets.

I love that raw crystals are uniquely beautiful, and have various raw semi – precious gemstone, healing stones, rocks and crystals, including rose quartz, fluorite, quartz and amethyst dotted around the house, for various healing and/or spiritual properties.

I even had a piece of blue topaz with me when taking my driving test, to assist in passing!

When it comes to jewellery, I find that the irregular simple cut healing crystals are more interesting and beautiful than the commercially cut stones commonly found in the usual high street jewellery shops.

And so began the journey of creating my own line of handmade sterling silver, chakra, healing and spiritual crystal jewellery.

I like to keep my handmade designs simple, just like nature, allowing the natural beauty, imperfections and characteristics of the healing stones, crystals and freshwater pearls shine through.

Sourcing different healing and spiritual crystals cut in different shapes and sizes, as well as interesting colours, taking into consideration their specific spiritual and/or healing properties to create simply beautiful pieces, with some beneficial energies and/or properties behind them.


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