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    2 years, 6 months ago

    CRAFTfest Christmas Village 2018

    CRAFTfest Christmas Village 2018 is now open and will be open until January 2019. You can do all of your Christmas shopping here as there are multiple different categories of gifts to choose from.

    CRAFTfest is hosted by the ProCraftersGuild of which I am a member.

    CRAFTfest is different from last year as now all our businesses are in shops in a village and they all look lovely. Some of these shops have discounts available too. You can find the shops who have a discount here.

    I am selling my jewellery on Silverbell Road where all the jewellers are and my shop name is LISU Wedding and Handmade Jewellery. Mistletoe Avenue is where the Mixed Crafts are. Holly Road is where the Gift shops are and last but not least Tinsel Street has Artwork, Food, Supplies and Cards.

    CRAFTfest Village 2018 is well worth having a look if you are looking for Christmas presents as there is such a variety of gifts to choose from.

    Follow this link to CRAFTfest Village 2018 and see for yourselves all the lovely shops and what everyone is selling. There is also a link to the CRAFTfest Discounts too.

    You can find CRAFTfest Village at https://craftfest.procraftersguild.com/craftfest.html

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