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Hi I'm Lynn and the founder and owner of LynnsGemCreations.

So a little bit about me, my name is Lynn. I have always been crafting in one way or another be it Cards, Cross Stitch etc.

One day i saw a Jewellery Starter Kit and decided to buy it. I got it home, sat and looked at it not knowing what anything was, other than the beads. I found a lovely lady close by me who had a Jewellery Shop and also taught the basics. So after a few lessons with her, I started to make my own jewellery.

I started with Gemstones and have since been expanding my collection and also my knowledge of gemstones. I now work mainly with Gemstones and Swarovski® Crystals, and have recently incorporated Rhinestone Crystal Jewellery.

Ive now been selling online for 7 years and currently sell on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and my own Website (phew!)

With having my Etsy shop, ive now been featured in a magazine (yay!), this gives a little information about me, my process and how i got started.  Please feel free to have a read:-


– Lynn xx

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