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Selena and Dave


Hello! We’re Selena and Dave of Selena's Chest, a husband and wife team creating joyous jewellery handmade with 💜


We’re based in Edinburgh and Bologna and we do our very best to deliver unique handmade jewellery designs to our customers worldwide 🌍


Selena's Chest first opened its doors in 2013 when Selena, who is the creative force behind everything we do, realised she could share her passion with the world. In 2018 Dave started to help out with the legal side of things and encouraged by Selena to indulge his never before explored creative side, he slowly started to assist with product design too.


In 2020 we opened our own website at www.selenaschest.com where we market and sell our creations in what has fast become an equal and very fruitful partnership.


We’d love to welcome you to Selena’s Chest soon! 💜

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